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Construction Solid Waste

Handable Material

Solid waste such as concrete block, construction and demolition waste, asphalt pavement, tunnel slag, cement block, tailings and other solid waste.

Configuration description (equipment selection available for different actual capacity requirements)

Two machines are required for conventional configuration, one impact crusher is used for crushing, and one screener with screen box which size is 6m × 2.1m (Length × Width) with three layer screen can be used to produce 4 kinds of finished materials of different specifications, such as stone, melon seed, stone powder, etc. 1300rsx can also be selected according to the discharge requirements, and one equipment can output two kinds of materials, mixture and stone powder. The actual capacity is 110-250 tons per hour conventional configuration selection: I1110RS (Impact Crusher) + S1303 (three-layer screen); Actual capacity 180-360 tons per hour conventional configuration type selection: I1300rs (Impact Crusher ) + S1303 (three-layer screen) ;actual capacity 180-650 tons per hour conventional configuration type selection: I1350rs (Impact Crusher)+ S1303 (three-layer screen) or I1300rsx (crusher & screen in one ), Only one device is required.

Performance advantage

(Crusher) / model: mpex-i1300rs/i1300rsx/ i1300rsh/i1350rs/i500rs (sieve unit) / model: mpex-s1303/s1303d/hs5163/hs6203

Major Equipment

Environmental protection measures

The intelligent control system can automatically identify different material characteristics, achieve rapid separation, and provide efficient solutions for transforming waste into treasure and solving the problem of building waste discharge completely, which has great social and economic value. During the treatment, the emission concentration of organized dust is ≤ 10mg/m ³, The noise at the factory boundary is 55 dB in daytime and 45 dB in night, which meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Scope of application

1. scene: demolition site and road renovation

2. sorting: wood, plastic, steel bar, etc

3. crushing: crushing, steel bar separation

4. screening: 246 stone seeds, melon seeds, stone powder

5. reuse: recycled concrete, recycled mortar, recycled wall material, etc

6. cushion: used for foundation and pavement cushion, subbase and base course of Construction Engineering

7. aggregate: after being processed by crushing and screening, it can be used as coarse and fine aggregate, non-load-bearing structural elements and masonry mortar etc.

8. stone powder: the crushed stone powder can be made of light block, hollow (solid) core brick, porous brick, etc. by adding cement auxiliary materials