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Equipment Selection


Equipment selection is to select the best scheme from a variety of different models and specifications of equipment that can meet the same needs through technical and economic analysis and evaluation to make a purchase decision. Reasonable choice of equipment can make the limited funds play the biggest economic benefits. MPEX tracked mobile crushing and screening equipment is widely used in mining, quarrying, construction and industry, etc. In order to adapt to different construction projects, our crusher and screen machine is equipped with innovative tracked mobile design, which can adapt to different working environments with its strong flexibility and mobility. The overall investment cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the productivity can be rapidly improved.

  • Hard rock refers to the rock with pressure strength greater than 150MPa. Hard rock has high pressure strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical
  • stability, strong durability, but poor fire resistance. Is an excellent building stone, it is often used for foundation, bridge piers, steps, road, can also be used for masonry houses, walls, especially suitable for the construction of memorial buildings, Tianan front of the people's hero monument is made by a whole piece of 100T granite. Granite and other hard rocks have been widely used as the main material for building facades in large buildings in large cities in China. Can also be used for indoor ground and column decoration, wear resistance requirements of high table and step, etc. As a result of the cut and shop paste labor, it is a high price of decorative materials. In industry, granite is often used as an acid-resistant material......

    Mining (hard rocks: such as granite, basalt, tuff, diabase, gneiss, etc.)

  • Recycling of solid waste from construction
  • Solid waste of construction refers to the soil, residue and other wastes produced by construction units or individuals in the process of building, rebuilding, dismantling and repairing various buildings and structures, and in the process of housing decoration by residents. According to the source classification, construction waste can be divided into five categories: land excavation, road excavation, demolition of old buildings, construction construction and waste from building materials production. It is mainly composed of concrete block, brick and tile fragments, mule, gravel block, waste mortar, asphalt block, waste plastic, waste metal material, waste packaging material, waste bamboo and wood.


    Recommended combination: Impactor + Inclined (Equipment models with different output can be selected according to actual production needs)

  • Mining (soft rocks: limestone, dolomite, etc.)
  •  Soft rock refers to medium-hardness rock whose pressure strength is no more than 150MPa. Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock with crystalline structure and layered structure, and the main rock forming mineral is calcite. (In addition, it may contain clay, dolomite, magnesium carbonate, iron oxide, silicon oxide, and some organic impurities.) Compact limestone with a compressive strength of 20~120MPa and a density of 2000~2600 kg/m3. When the clay impurities in limestone exceed 3%~4%, the frost resistance and water resistance decrease significantly. Siliceous limestone has high strength, hardness and durability. Most limestone is fine, hard and resistant to weathering. Limestone is widely distributed, all over the place, easy to dig, easy to process. In construction engineering, it is used for foundation, exterior wall, bridge pier, step and road surface, and can also be used as concrete aggregate.