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MPEX Optimizes Electric Drive Technology- From Vision to Mission



MPEX Corporation offers today the most versatile range of hybrid and plug-in solutions in mobile processing technology for quarrying and recycling applications. This applies to the complete product range, from screening plants and stockpile conveyors to mobile track-mounted crushing solutions of all relevant technologies and for all production capacities.

Power plug-in mobile crushing and screening plants

Recognize and use benefits

MPEX recognized the huge saving potentials and operational advantages of electric drives for highly flexible track-mounted mobile processing solutions.

With the plug-in option, to connect to the mains, the MPEX full electric versions further enlarged their operating cost advantage over conventional diesel-hydraulic systems. Installed electrical pumps for essential hydraulic consumers (lifting cylinders, track drive, etc.) allow the full-electric operation of today's dual power-versions. Compared to conventional diesel-hydraulic systems, energy costs can be reduced up to 80% - the noise levels during emission-free plug-in operation by about 30%. Replacing hydraulic drives on conveyors, screen shafts, compressors or water pumps by electric motors also avoid long oil piping with leak-prone hose connections. Thermal problems in operations under extreme conditions are eliminated. With significantly lower oil quantities and extended change intervals the smaller hydraulic systems of MPEX's electric-versions not only save the environment but also real money.

mobile impact crushing plant for on-site recycling

In full-electric operation, this also applies to lubricants, filters and other wear parts of the onboard diesel. Less engine hours mean less maintenance and downtime, which has a positive impact on total cost of ownership, as well as the higher value retention. And finally: engine problems on a diesel-hydraulic crusher can stop the whole production or job-site, with a plug-in hybrid machine, a total breakdown can be relatively easy avoided by providing an additional external gen-set to ensure the finalization of the project.

Thanks to their on-board diesels, MPEX's modern "e"-versions remain as flexible and highly mobile as conventional technology without having to add a lot of additional transport weight compared to the respective diesel-hydraulic version. By using high-quality steels and the weight-optimized design, MPEX hybrids still undercut significantly the transport weights of most diesel-hydraulic competitor models of the same capacity. Even the larger hybrid plants can be transported in one piece, without dismantling. This also contributes to short set-up times. The full integration of all electrical system functions are controlled by the intelligent MPEX plant control. This includes numerous automated routines (eg. sequential start/stop) and the comprehensive monitoring.