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Crushing Concrete and Recycling Waste Concrete into Valuable Building Material



Concrete is versatile wherever and whenever. The high quality and strength of this material is well known. As a result, concrete is one of the most important recycling raw materials.

MPEX-4800RS perfect for crushing and recycling start-ups 

The MPEX-4800RS tracked mobile impact crushing plant delivers the most bang for your buck. It is engineered to deliver outstanding performance in the toughest of conditions. It crushes all kinds of material to a high-quality cubic aggregate in a single pass with an extremely efficient fuel burn. Within minutes the crusher can go from closed to open circuit to produce various materials.

Thanks to its overall ease of use, the unit can be operated by the excavator operator via the radio remote control. No additional support equipment, such as a loader or a stacker, is required to run the show. The MPEX-4800RS will track and crush at the same time and can be backed up when necessary without leaving the excavator.

on-site concrete recycling

Dust suppression system 

On-board dust suppression system to reduce dust emissions. Water mist on inlet, outlet and main discharge belt.

Wind sifter tips the scales
MPEX-4800RS mobile impact crushing plant including a hydraulically pivoting refeeding belt for oversize grain and the wind sifter, has been crushing C&D waste.

The wind sifter blows lightweight materials such as polystyrene and wood into the container, thereby producing an end grain that is purer and of higher quality. This solution allows the customer, a specialist in demolition, recycling and earth-moving, more eco-friendly and more cost-effective operations. The pivoting refeeding belt on the MPEX-4800RS tracked mobile impact crusher that can be moved steplessly through a maximum of 180°. The 0-32 mm value grain is used as substructure material in road construction.

Crushing concrete and recycling waste concrete into valuable building material 

Concrete ranks among the most important recycled raw materials. It can be found virtually everywhere, is particularly high in quality and is very strong. This means that it can be reused in an extremely wide variety of ways.

Here are only some of the many opportunities: aggregate in the concrete industry, road substructures, ready-mixed concrete industry, concrete blocks, paving, prefabricated concrete elements and many more.

The MPEX-4800RS in combination with a pre-screen and a post-screen is being used to recycle up to 45000 tons of waste concrete per month from demolition. It is also suitable for C&D waste in road building. The final material is screened off to 0-10 mm which produces a high-value aggregate and saves enormous costs.

Road building sites need flexible crushers where you enjoy a total win-win situation: local street maintenance services spend less on buying materials and less material needs to be stockpiled. That’s how you really save money.