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After-sale service


First of all, thank you for your attention to MEPX’s equipment and services. MPEX is very confident in the quality of the products, and provides limited quality assurance for the tracked mobile crusher and screener equipment, its related components and accessories. Here are our quality assurance details.

  • What does quality assurance cover?
  • Any defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period are covered by this limited warranty provided that the equipment is properly maintained in accordance with the training and manual during normal operation. During the warranty period, the equipment or accessories that are determined to be defective in material and workmanship will be repaired or replaced free of charge by MPEX Company (normal wear, consumption and failure of the vulnerable parts are also not covered by the warranty).

  • About spare parts and wear parts supply
  • All the original parts of MPEX are made of high quality materials and special techniques. The use of original parts can ensure the equipment in the long-term use of high reliability and integrity rate, reduce production costs.

  • Training services
  • An important premise for the correct use of our products is to master relevant operation knowledge and skills. MPEX provides your staff with comprehensive and easy to understand training courses, including complete graphic operation guide, pre-factory basic training and practical training of field operators, etc. Our training will continue until you have a complete command of the equipment operation and maintenance by your field operator. Our training will continue to ensure that your field operators are fully proficient in equipment operation and maintenance.

  • What measures will be taken to solve the problem in case of equipment failure?
  • MPEX professional technicians will check the equipment to determine whether the product is in the agreed warranty period. If within the scope covered, MPEX will immediately send professional technicians to repair defective equipment or components, or replace the same equipment or components. Within the warranty and without special expenses, MPEX will bear the costs of repair, spare parts, labor and maintenance personnel transportation. This clause does not apply to any maintenance work without the authorization of MPEX.

  • What are the conditions not covered by quality assurance?
  • This quality assurance is not applicable to equipment and accessories that are improperly installed, improperly used, misused, and not authorized to be modified.

  • How can you contact us if you need service?
  • In case of any problem, please call the after-sales service hotline of Parkes: 400-900-6530 in time. The MPEX ‘s technical service engineer will provide you with online technical support 24 hours.